About Me

I'm Sean Jackson McManus and an anagram to my name is Announces Smack Jams. Smack Jams Media is my little web design company.

I grew up in "The Wheat City" - Brandon, Manitoba, but am currently based in Toronto, Ontario.

I got started in web design by building sites for a band I play in, the Dust Poets.

In the Dust Poets, a folk-pop band, I play clarinet and suitcase percussion. I'm working out some funky beats on the drum kit and I play mandolin and guitar around the house. When not on the road with the Poets, I design websites and teach band in public schools in Toronto.

I have a B.Mus. in saxophone from Brandon University, a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology from York University in Toronto, and a certificate for making Thai curries from a cooking school in Chang Mai.